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The Position...

...of the vineyard is between 250 and 420 meters above sea level with a gradient of 1:5. Consequently more than 3/4 of the land has been terraced.
The vineyard has mainly a southeast aspect, which proves beneficial during the growing period bearing in mind the height and the gradient of the land.

The Precipitation...

...during one year averages 31 inches. However during the growing season only 15 inches fall, resulting in the roots of the vine penetrating deep into the soil for nourishment.

The Temperature...

... between June and September, exceeds 30° C for an average of 27 days whilst the Mistral is present for about 122 days/year.

The Soil...

...of the Domain consists of two very different geological types that complement each other :

  • Limestone-pebble stone with red marl from the late Miocene
  • Peyrosol coming from the old alluvial terraces

The soil is therefore stony and very calcareous with a ph-level of 8,2.

The Grape varieties and vines conducting.

The grape varieties are exclusively red, 65% Grenache and 35% Syrah.

The vines are between 6 and 50 years of age (the oldest planted after the severe frost of 1956). The average age is 30 years.

Syrah are conducted up to 2 meters high and we manually thin out the leaves of all the vines of the vineyard to increase sun exposition and grapes ventilation.

The Grenache is responsible for the flexibility, harmony, structure and power of the wine; the Syrah for the color, aromas, tannins and storage potential.