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The domain's history : Domain « Les Aussellons »

The Benoit family founded the domain approximately a century ago.

Jean Ezingeard, the son in law, expanded the Domain into the parish of Vinsobres.

After 40 years of winemaking the Domain has grown to 62 acres (25 hectares) equally divided between the two parishes of Villedieu and Vinsobres.

Usually, the production is up to 20 000 gallons (1000 hectolitres) and 40 000 bottles leave the Domain each year.

In 2003, Jean Ezingeard decided to keep the vineyards closer to Villedieu. At the beginning of 2004, he sold 30 acres (12 hectares) in Vinsobres.

Foundation of the Domain "Constant-Duquesnoy"

Passionate about wine for over 20 years, Gérard Constant realises his dream, his own vineyard.

His career and his responsibilities as managing director could not stand in the way of this ambitious project.

His many journeys gave him the opportunity to visit vineyards in Europe (France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Czech Republic) and the Northern US and Canada.

His education in wine included the University of Suze-La-Rousse sessions and training also in Burgundy.

Through his many interviews with celebrated wine growers from the Alsace, Champagne, Burgundy and the Côtes du Rhône, he became acquainted with the most promising areas.

Gérard Constant and Denise Duquesnoy obtained the Domain "Les Aussellons" in 2004, considered by Parker* as "one of 3 most high potential properties in Vinsobres".

*Editions Solor 1998