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Vinification and ageing.

The harvest, all done by hand, usually takes place at the end of September and beginning of October when pulp, pits and grape-skin maturities are reached.

A rigorous grape selection and transporting to the "Chai" in small quantities guarantee perfect condition of the fruit.

All "stems" are eliminated.

Approximately 4 weeks maceration take place in temperature regulated stainless steel vats with a very high and special attention to the oxygen regulation.

We don't "push" the malolactic but wait the natural process taking place by itself at the beginning of spring.

Cuvees "Confidence" and "In Fine" age during a minimum period of 12 months in burgundy "one year wine" oak barrels. This includes the malolactic fermentation

We usually do not practice any filtration to keep our wines as natural as possible.

In bottles, we keep wines during an additional 6 months in 12°C cellar before shipping .